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This is a simple walk-through for anyone to get an idea about what's happening in these 2 leading technologies. I was wondering about the same issue and wanted to find out if there is a real winner

One thing I noted was that the .NET core is backed up by Microsoft in a very positive way. This is really good and with the Microsoft tag in them, it has created a professional-level programming environment with supporting tools like Visual Studio. Visual Studio has made it easy in building, debugging, and publishing the .NET C# code over multiple platforms and devices.


.NET Core

We build web front-ends using react. Most probably at some point, you'll have to connect the front end with a web API to consume data. Axios is a lightweight HTTP client-based package that can be used to communicate with REST APIs. You can use Axios to call backend API interfaces from React front end.

Javascript also has a similar native built-in package called Fetch API which is very similar to the Axios.
First, let's see how to use Axios in sending and retrieving data from an API. I am going to use Json Placeholder as the API in this article.

React useEffect tutorial for beginners with real examples and day-to-day usage patterns.

useEffect hook in react

In this article, you will learn how to use the useEffect hook easily in coding projects. You will understand the useEffect parameters, how to replace the componentDidMount() lifecycle with the useEffect hook, and much more. I have also added different usage patterns of the useEffect hook.

Suppose you need to get a set of data from the database and use them to populate your React app. Or you need to change the title of the page or do some DOM manipulation on page load. You can use the useEffect hook to perform this easily.

Or imagine that you have a…

Let's import Icons to our React Project

The sole purpose of this type of content is to give some light to new developers like me to quickly grab the practical ways of implementing stuff using react. I highly encourage you all to read the original documentation about the package and get rid of the fear out of reading documentations and implementing it.

We need icons to display the content clearly. So in this article, I will share my way of using icons in my react projects.

There are awesome react icon libraries available on the internet. …

More You Watch The Lesser You Learn —The Hard Truth

You may be someone who watches endless no of framework crash courses and still not comfortable with the particular technology stack. I recently identified that most of the senior developers do not spend hours of time watching these crash courses on youtube and following Facebook clone tutorials and stuff.

Sometimes I might be wrong or there may be senior devs who follow popular crash courses and following Twitter clone youtube clone-type videos. So I highly encourage everyone to share their point of view as well.

I am not here to convey that Framework crash courses are bad and useless. I…

With Examples and Exercises

Hooks are a new addition to React 16.8. It enabled the use of state inside functional components. Hooks are functions that enable functional components to attach(Hooked into) with react state and use react lifecycle features.

Easy Peasy useState() Hook

Just as a start you can keep in mind that state is a kind of internal memory to store data related to the component. And that memory is preserved even after re-rendering

Let's have a look at the first react hook which is useState hook.

First, import the useState Hook at the beginning of the file. We can import it directly from react using the…

Learn A-Z of callbacks with real project code samples.

Photo by Fotis Fotopoulos on Unsplash

A callback function is a regularly used concept in full-stack development. I thought of sharing my way of approaching this technique. By the end of the article, you will understand the basics of JavaScript’s callback functions, when to use them, and existing applications that use callbacks.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you feel that I missed something. I am more than willing to help and share knowledge with everyone :).

Believe me, JavaScript callbacks are not that complicated to understand. …

And can you install Windows 11?

In this article, I will share what to expect in the next windows 11 update — How to update? What to expect in the upcoming upgrade? The size of the new upgrade? and many more.

It's official, Windows is going to have its next major upgrade. It’s going to come with a brand new design and some updated features. And some of the main features were displayed on the virtual event held recently.

Step by step guide

How to install MongoDB on windows

Installing MongoDB is essential if you are building an application using MERN(MongoDB, Express, React, Node) stack. MongoDB is the most famous collections-based non-relational database within the web community. You can learn how to install MongoDB on windows through this article.

I went through the official installation document and was a bit overloaded with information, so thought of sharing these simple steps for someone to quickly get started.

Step 1

First Download the correct MongoDB installation MSI file from here

Select the correct version platform and the downloadable MSI from the Form on the site.

Everything Step By Step for Beginners

This is one of the easiest ways to get hands-on experience with Azure deployments. By going through this article you can learn to host a React website on Azure using VS code.

I think this is a good approach to get started with command-line tools and basic script executions. And don't forget this is just the start.

You have to use a Command line, And a Visual Studio Code Plugin to generate your host-ready app and push it to Azure.

Let's get started


There are…

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